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        Product description :
        Thickness :1-5mm surface morphology: roll surface light type, slip-type service life: 1mm above the 2-5mm10 five years;
        Floor features: a seamless flat, wear pressure, acid and alkali resistance, stamping, color free, beautiful appearance, easy maintenance.
        Applicable scope:
        Electron, electric apparatus, five metals, machinery, chemical industry, food, textile, plastics, instrument, parking area, car making,etc.
        The level ground performance technical indicator of ground:

        The watch does time (hour)

        The time of doing solid work (hour) ≤24
        Sticking intensity (Mpa) ≥2

        Wearability (750g/300r, weightlessness. g)

        Hardness (pencil hardness) ≥2H
        Compression strength (Mpa) 80
        Draw the intensity (Mpa) 10
        Bending strength (Mpa) 15
        Able to bearH2SO4,10% There is no change in 168 hours
        Able to bearNaOH,10% There is no change in 168 hours
        Able to bear petrol,120# There is no change in 168 hours
         Water-proof There is no change in 168 hours
        Able to bear the lubricating oil There is no change in 168 hours
        Able to bear the brine,3% There is no change in 168 hours
        Construction craft:
        1, Deal with waterproofly: General the first floor ground need, make waterproof to punish;
        2, Deal with plainly: Do the process of polishing, mending, removing dust etc. well in accordance with the state plainly;
        3, The ring scribbles at oxygen bottom: Adopt the permeability to be strong, the epoxy resin with good adhesive force scribbles and holds once;
        4, Scribble in oxygen of ring: In accordance with design, need, add epoxy resin into right amount of quartz sand, paint, put line or several evenly with trowel;
        5, Criticize persons: Adjust the epoxy resin into putty, criticize and swing one or several wholly in accordance with the actual need, demand, reach even levelling, having holing, having hollowing accurate;
        6, Scribble oxygen of ring: Surround coating roll, scribble piece scribble twice, demand, reach bright, neat, first complete, the oxygen.
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